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Fiesta San Antonio Texas

Six Flags Fiesta San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas is home to a number of tourist destinations and theme parks. One of these theme parks is the breathtaking and jawdropping Six Flags Fiesta. As a matter of fact, it is among the frequently and most visited Six Flags Fiesta location among the other branches situated throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. The Six Flags chain is considered as the best regional theme park in the world. Most importantly, Six Flags Fiesta has been called as the most picturesque park among its other branches. This proves just enough reason why Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas is worth a visit, the next time you're in the vicinity.

Built on a former rock quarry, there is plenty to admire and enjoy in Six Flags Fiesta San Antonio, Texas. But despite from turning the quarry into a completely enjoyable park, it is able to retain the charm it had prior to becoming what it is now. Perhaps, this is the reason as to why the park has been able to receive plenty of praise for its definitive appeal.

Things to Do

One of the best things about being in Six Flags Fiesta theme park is that you will never run out of things to do while you're at the park. There is always something ready to catch your attention, whether it is from the one too many roller coasters or the entertaining show specifically prepared for your interests. Not to mention, the park boasts of some of the most delicious cuisines available. Is it possible to want to stay forever? YES! Here are some of the rides available in the park:

Thrill Rides

Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio has a number of exciting water slides that promise to make your heart drop no matter how tall the distance is. Through these slides, you get the thrill of the lifetime as you make your way to the pool. Some of these rides have a minimum height requirement, make sure you meet the criteria so you can enjoy the slide:

  • Bahama Blaster - Twist through endless loops on this thrilling water slide, available only at Six Flags Fiesta. This is the first of its kind in all of Texas, which features a trap door style launching capsule and tubes that offer a different type of adrenaline rush. Once you're seated inside the tube, you'll have to listen for the countdown; unaware of how you will be launched. And perfectly, this gives mystery to the rider; as he never knows what to expect from the ride.
  • Big Bender - Another water slide you should experience in the park is the Big Bender, a complete one-stop destination for an amazing slide experience. You can think of the slide as a giant winding snake. Riding on your raft, you get to enjoy a breathtaking ride filled with unpredictable twists, turns, and curves.
  • Hill Country Racer - This ride is not just an ordinary water slide. As a matter of fact, it helps you show off your competitiveness. Together with 5 friends, you can challenge one another in getting down the water slide first. The slide comes with a super slick flat mat, fully intended to lead you to your top speed and your ultimate victory. The slide is over 200 feet long and you can slide down it over 35 miles per hour.
  • Lone Star Lagoon - Enjoy swimming in a pool filled with a wave machine that will make you feel like you're swimming in the ocean. Designed to follow the shape of the state of Texas, this will give you a sense of pride as you take a dip in the pool.
  • Mine Shaft - Ever wanted to feel like how miners would start their day? Slide down this watery mine and into a white enclosed tunnel on board your raft.
  • Six Chuter -  Paired with Mine Shaft slide, this one gives a different feel to it thanks to the uncovered tube that you slide on. Instead of Mine Shaft's enclosed tunnel, you get to look at the blue sky above your head.
  • Splashwater Springs - This water park is built especially for youngsters. It is a VIP water playground where only kids can take park in. Instead of the risky rides on the other water slides, this one comes with a climbable pirate ship and junior-sized slides to ride on.
  • Texas Treehouse - The multi-story treehouse is perfect for the entire family to climb up on and splash around in. Built right in the water, you can feel like a little kid once again without anyone to stop you from enjoying the treehouse on your own.
  • Texas Tumble - Built for a set of friends or your entire family, you can all slide down on one of the jumbo-sized rafts prepared for the ride. Slide into a white foamy end and live with a story to tell. But in order to succeed, you need to work together to learn how you can guide the raft down the slide.
  • Tornado - If you've ever wanted to feel how Dorothy felt when her home was stuck in the tornado, this ride will give you an experience of sorts. As a family ride, you can ride in one of the four-person raft and slide down with a full body twister experience; anticipating as the motion grows faster and longer.
  • Twister - True to its name, Twister lets you ride down an intimidating ride through an enclosed tube slide. As you slide down the enclosed orange tube, you'll have little light to guide you through and you're left with wondering when the ride will ever end. But when it finally does, you'll want to climb up the ride again.
  • Whirlpool - Have you ever been out in the middle of the ocean and in the heart of a tropical storm? Well, the Whirlpool ride is one experience that stimulates this encounter. From 50 feet up, you'll drop down into a speed which will suck you into a vortex similar to that of an ocean. It is one ride you should prepare for!
  • White Water Canyon - When it's time to relax and unwind, you can simply get a raft and let the lazy river drive you on this leisurely stroll. But don't get too relaxed, there is a series of swirling whirlpools, sudden rapids, and cascading waterfalls that will make you believe otherwise.

Family Rides

Apart from the water slides available in the park, you can let your entire family enjoy one of the rides friendly enough for everyone. Here are some of the family rides you can expect to see in the park:

  • Bugs' White Water Rapids - Join Bugs Bunny in fighting fire-breathing dragons in this fun, wet, and adventurous ride. Riding on a flume boat, you get to spend the next four minutes cranked up a 30-foot hill before you make that anticipated drop into down winding rapids. Along the way, see a life-sized Bugs Bunny dueling against a Black Knight, who suspiciously resembles Yosemite Sam. Hmmm...
  • Crow's Nest Ferris Wheel - If you're looking for an innocent ride, this 90-foot Ferris Wheel is one to try out! Whether you choose to ride during the day or night, there's always a magnificent view to watch in every direction once you get to the top.
  • Fender Bender - Everybody loves classic rides! And this classic bumper car game will be sure to bring out your inner child! This is the only time where it's perfectly alright to bump into the cars of your other friends while on the road so take advantage of the opportunity!
  • Gully Washer - Get ready to be wet and wild! Together with 12 other riders, this is a river rafting experience where you get drenched in water all throughout the ride. The river is built with an unpredictable current that will toss you around. Needless to say, you'll all get wet with one of the many waterfalls awaiting on the side. Not to mention, there are strategically placed water cannons awaiting to be fired from both the river residents and other park guests.
  • Hustler - Think you've got some skills in a more civilized game of pool? Take your pick in one of the 12 gigantic pool balls. Each ball can fit up to 5 friends for one unforgettable game. The game begins when the pool sharks start to spin the balls around, each ball will twirl around while the 8-ball rests in the middle. To add to the momentum, you can grab the wheel and spin as much as you can too!
  • Motorama Turnpike - Ride an antique car as you go on a tour through Rockville. You can choose from one of the available Chevys, Cadillacs, and other car models that will give you a trip down memory lane.
  • Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters - If you're a fan of Scooby-Doo, take your family on a tour of the Ghastly Mansion on board the Mystery Machine. This is an adventure ride you can take in a glow-in-the-dark world where you'll need to point your laser guns on the ghouls that pop up along the way. Whoever hits the most number of targets wins the game!
  • Wave Runner - Join in on the fun in this classic scrambler ride that will make your head spin. The faster the spinning goes, the harder it'll be for you to hold onto the sides of the car. And when the ride is over, don't expect to be able to walk a straight line anytime soon.
  • Whistle Stop - This classic train ride will give you a tour of the park on board the Fiesta Texas Railroad. Expect a friendly and relaxing train ride over bridges and through tunnels of mountain rock.

Kids Rides

Kids can also get their fair share of fun during their visit in Six Flags Fiesta San Antonio. Apart from the many options they can go for with their other family members, they can explore the other kids rides available in the park. This way, they get to interact with other children their age. Here are some of the rides they can enjoy in:

  • Amerigoround - The traditional carousel is back in this park to give the enjoyable experience for both young and old. Apart from choosing horses, you can ride on other animals such as zebras, lions, rabbits, and even a cheetah.
  • Buckarooz - This is a tower lift that reaches a height of 20 feet. But instead of a sudden drop, this ride bounces down before it glides back up in a friendly manner.
  • Daffy's School Bus Express - Lovable cartoon character Daffy Duck takes charge of the big yellow school bus. Let your child enjoy this swervy and fun ride; circling forward and driving to the sky.
  • Der Pilger Bahnhof - One of the park's classic locomotive rides, this train ride will let you explore the whole Six Flags park. Whether you're looking for a relaxing ride or trying to find your next conquest, this train ride will be one to remember.
  • Foghorn Leghorn's Barnyard Railway - Youngsters can ride on a three-car relaxed train ride traveling on a figure-8 track surrounding big trees and a covered bridge. This lets them see what the countryside is like.
  • Kiddee Koaster - Is your youngster ready to join the bigger rides? Let him try the Kiddee Koaster, a train ride packed with lots of fun in every bit of its 278-foot track. What makes this ride fit for the big kids is the fact that it comes with a few curves and drops. It's not too scary for your little one, but with this ride, your child is off to a start.
  • Kinderstein - Join your child in this classic tea spinning ride for some unforgettable fun and laughter. You can even make your chosen teacup twirl a little faster by spinning the center disk.
  • Krazy Kars - Let your child experience being a driver for once in this four-car convoy ride. Since the cars are attached to a rail, you can leave your child on his own and not have to worry when he lets go of the wheel.
  • Splish Splash Zone - Let your child cool off during the warm summer season in this water-themed outdoor playground built exclusively for kids. With this playground, your child will be sure to enjoy the different areas where he can get all wet.
  • Taz's Tornado - This airborne adventure ride fit for young ones comes with a swinging bench ride. Hosted by Tasmanian Devil, your chosen bench also swings around depending on the direction he spins.
  • Up, Up & Away - Let your child pick out one of the enormously sized colorful fruits (apple, banana, grapes, and blueberries) and have a bird's eye view of Kidzopolis. Once he's safely tucked in, the fruit will rise up to the sky until it reaches the top of the tree, slowly spinning over the skies for a breathtaking view.
  • Yosemite Sam's Wacky Wagons - Join your child on board a covered wagon stagecoach in this classic ferris wheel ride. Let your child marvel in the beautiful view of Crackaxle Canyon, the way Yosemite Sam would have it.
  • ZoomJets - If your child has an interest on flying, riding one of the red propeller planes on the ZoomJets ride will spark his curiosity. While on board, your child can choose how high or low he wants to go.

Entertainment and Events

When you're in Six Flags Fiesta San Antonio, the fun never ends. Apart from taking your fill of the many different rides available in the park, you can also relax and enjoy an unforgettable show. The park has a number of entertainment shows prepared, depending on the season. You can enjoy in one of the shows during your visit and let it remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

Aside from the entertainment show options, the park has a series of events lined up to get you thrilled. Depending on the time of your visit, you may take part in one of the many events intended to make your visit a fun-filled one. Some of the events available in the park are fit for the upcoming festivities, such as Father's Day, Fourth of July, Summer, Labor Day, Halloween, and the Holidays. Choose your visit wisely according to these dates so you can catch one of the events prepared.

Where to Eat

After a long day enjoying the different rides available in the park, the next thing you can do is to discover one of the many restaurants situated inside Six Flags Fiesta. Considering this is a family park, the need to find a restaurant perfect for the tastes of each one. The important thing is that you get to share your food and get to fill your hunger. There are endless options available in the park and they're dependent on which cuisine you're craving for during your visit. Here are some of the options:

  • All American Nachos (Nachos & Fresh Pretzels)
  • Cold Stone (Ice Cream)
  • Dippin' Dots (Ice Cream)
  • Johnny Rockets (Hamburgers, Shakes, American Fries, and Onion Rings)
  • La Margarita (Beer and Margarita)
  • Little Kidz Cafe (Kids' Meals)
  • Old Blues BBQ (BBQ Brisket, Turkey, and Chicken)
  • Panda Express (Asian Cuisine)
  • Pit Stop (Beer and Margarita)
  • Primo's Pizzeria (options for healthy pizza)
  • Roasted Corn (Fresh Roasted Corn)
  • Sangerfest Halle Food Court (Famiglia Pizza, Cheesesticks, Fresh Salads, Italian and German cuisine)
  • Six Below (Breyer's Ice Cream)


Once you're ready to go home, it's always a good idea to get a little something from the park that will remind you of all the fun you had. Whether you opt for a traditional T-Shirt or a stuffed animal, you're sure to find plenty of options for souvenir goodies in the park. Here are some of the shops you can visit in the park:

  • 6 Flags Hatz (Wacky and fun headwear)
  • ACME Company Store (Merchandise with Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner designs)
  • Antique Photo Emporium (Festive shop for clothes and souvenirs)
  • Beach Bum Surf Co. (Swimwear)
  • Candy Storm (Candy)
  • Caricature Artist
  • Casa De Looney Tunes (Looney Tunes and DC Comics themed merchandise)
  • Face Painting and Hair Wrap
  • Iron Rattler Mercantile (Iron Rattler souvenirs and Western themed products)
  • Portraits
  • Rockville Tattoos (Temporary Tattoo)
  • Six Flags Kids
  • Six Flags Mercado
  • Spitze's Candy (Candy)
  • Superman Shop (Superman and Justice League merchandise)
  • Swim Shop (Swimwear)

Admission and Hours of Operation

Six Flags Fiesta San Antonio, Texas is available from 10:30am - 8:00pm daily. Admission to the park costs $64.99 (Adults), $51.99 (Children under 48") and free

for children aged 2 years old and below.

Location from Stay Express San Antonio Seaworld Medical Center:

Six Flags Fiesta San Antonio, Texas is a short drive away from the Stay Express San Antonio Seaworld Medical Center. It is merely 12.4 miles or around 14 minute ride from the hotel, which means you do not have to worry about the amount of time you spent travelling to the park. This short distance gives you the perfect reason to stay in the park until it closes because you do not have to worry about the drive back.

Along the way, you can also enjoy in the other famous spots you can visit including the Wonderland of The Americas, Dave & Buster's, University Bowl, and many more.

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