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Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas

Situated on the west side of San Antonio, the Lackland Air Force Base is best known as the only Basic Military Training location for Active Duty Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve personnel. During graduation season, the base attracts numerous individuals; particularly those who are friends and family members of graduating individuals. Also known as the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland or the JBSA-Lackland, this destination is not freely open to the public as certain security measures need to followed before granting entry to the base.

Admission to the Lackland Air Force Base

If you will be visiting to show support to a graduating member of the Air Force batch, it is important to arrive early so that delays may be prevented. Not to mention, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card needs to be obtained before granting permission to enter the highly secured base using a motorcycle. Before you can gain entry to the grounds of the base, a background check needs to be processed by the recruit before his guests can take part in the Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) graduation event.

In order to do this, a Visitor Access Request Letter needs to be accomplished by each recruit and hand carried to the BMT. By doing so, he gets to save time, avoid processing delays, or even prevent unnecessary expenses if ever his guests are denied access into the base. For this reason, it is best to come prepared with a refundable or transferable ticket once entry into the base has been denied. Additionally, a photo ID needs to be carried by each guest aged 18 years old or above.

The only time when access to the base is no longer required is when the guest of the recruit has a valid DoD card, such as a common access card or a retired military ID card. Individuals under the age of 18 are free to enter the base, provided they are escorted by someone who has already been granted access.

Sights to See

If you are a fan of history, a visit to the Lackland Air Force Base is something that will thrill you. Here, you will gain a free admission to the History and Traditions Museum; where you can get a panoramic history detailing the U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training. This covers the training recruits underwent from pre-World War I up to the Operation Iraqi Freedom. At the same time, the museum proudly shows off its detailed aviation evolution; starting with the structural fuselage of the JN-4 'Jenny' aircraft. The museum also houses the different uniforms military personnel have worn throughout Air Force history.

The museum is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. It is located at the intersection of George Avenue and Nellis Street.

Location from Stay Express San Antonio Seaworld Medical Center:

The Lackland Air Force Base is situated 17 minutes by car or approximately 11.2 miles from the Stay Express San Antonio Seaworld Medical Center. Because of its close proximity, you get a chance to explore the nearby tourist destinations such as the San Antonio Riverwalk and The Alamo.

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