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San Antonio, Texas may be home for the professional NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs; and other landmarks such as the Torch of Friendship and the Camden Street Riverwalk Bridge. But among many other things, it is the epicenter of numerous fun-filled theme parks suitable for each family member. You'll find plenty of things to do and places to see when you visit. Here are some of the places to visit during your trip to San Antonio, Texas.

SeaWorld San Antonio, Texas For nearly 50 years, SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas has been providing an enjoyable experience to visitors from all over the world. As a theme park, SeaWorld lives true to its name and makes it a point to deliver an unforgettable marine life encounter. Evident in their numerous park rides and world class shows, SeaWorld makes each experience a fun-filled one. But apart from simply bringing joy to its visitors, the park hopes to instill a level of love and respect for all marine life; no matter how small or big it may be.

If you plan to visit SeaWorld San Antonio, prepare to be blown away with the number of activities, shows, exhibits, rides, animal tours and attractions awaiting you. Here are the information you need and recommended activities during your visit in the park:

  • The Great White - Are you brave enough to stomach a roller coaster capable of doing a 360-degree flip? Ride The Great White and experience the thrill of your life in this 50mph ride filled with breathtaking curves, loops, and turns.
  • Steel Eel - Spend the next couple of minutes on a board the Steel Eel. Living true to its name, this 15-story hypercoaster brings you up to 4,000 feet before preparing you for a breathtaking plunge along the numerous camelbacks of the ride.
  • Journey to Atlantis - Prepare to get splashed with water as you indulge on the Journey to Atlantis, a ride fit for the entire family that mixes both roller coaster and water slide. Don't say you weren't warned!
  • Rio Loco - If you're after a more innocent ride, the Rio Loco is one ride you need to experience with your kids. Ride onboard a circular raft and course through the 'crazy river' filled with unexpected twists awaiting ahead of you. One thing is for certain: prepare to get wet.
  • Shamu Express - For adventurous youngsters who do not meet a certain age or height criteria, the Shamu Express is one ride suitable for them.

Shows, Exhibits, and Animal Tours As part SeaWorld's attempt to educate the public about marine life, they have prepared a number of exhibits, animal tours, and shows which you can take part in; such as the popular One Ocean show. Perfect for families with young kids in tow, you can give your child an unforgettable experience in one of the park's prepared activities. This way, you get to introduce your child to some of the park's residents such as the dolphins, alligators, flamingos, sea lions, penguins, beluga and killer whales. Your child will surely love Azul, a breathtaking show where acrobats perform in sync with trained beluga whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, and birds.

The Hydro Power show is also one to look forward to, which is a new ski show prepared especially for the 50th anniversary celebration of the park showcasing water stunts performed by seasoned professionals.

Meanwhile, you can take part of one of the exhibits available. Explore the massive 450,000-gallon shark habitat; the closest you can ever be to some of the deep blue sea's most dangerous carnivores. Or you can get up close with the park's playful bottlenose dolphins in their humble abode in the Dolphin Cove. If you're looking for a more relaxed experience, you can challenge your companions to classic arcade games like skee-ball, video games, and carnival midway games.

However, if you would like a more interactive or hands-on experience with some of the park's residents, you may join one of the animal tours such as the Family Adventure, an exclusive encounter where you get to feed sea lions, seals, and bottlenose dolphins while the park gates have not yet opened. Or take on an unforgettable experience with the park's Beluga Interaction Program; a chance where you can get close and swim with the white beluga whales. Or if you're into dolphins, the Dolphin Touch or Dolphin Tour are some of the animal tours you definitely need to be part of.

Park Ticket and Operating Hours A single day admission pass to SeaWorld costs $45 for adults and $35 for children between the ages of 3 and 9. The park is open from 10:00am - 6:00pm daily.

Where to Eat SeaWorld has an array of restaurants you can choose to dine in so you do not have to leave the premises of the park. Among the food you can eat at the park include burgers (Rio Grille), pizza (Azul Treats), and ice cream (Polar Parlor); but while you're at SeaWorld, why settle for the ordinary. If you're truly looking for a unique encounter, you can Dine with Shamu; an all-you-can-eat buffet seated beside a poolside table where Shamu (the great killer whale) gets to show off some of his tricks. If you're looking for a beautiful lakeside view, you can enjoy a delicious lunch at Rosita's Cafe.

Location from Stay Express San Antonio Seaworld Medical Center: SeaWorld San Antonio, Texas is approximately 14-19 minutes away by car from the Stay Express San Antonio Seaworld Medical Center. The distance from the hotel to the theme park is approximately 9.1 miles; which gives you an advantage to be at the park early or go home late without having to worry about the travel time.

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